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Fischer builds client-centric niche in marketing

Pagette Fischer - Director of Marketing, Business Development - Davis & Kuelthau

Pagette Fischer – Director of Marketing,
Business Development –
Davis & Kuelthau

At only 33, Pagette Fischer has earned herself the role of director of marketing and business development at Davis & Kuelthau.

And if that feat weren’t extraordinary enough, she soon earned the respect needed to work in direct collaboration with the firm president and board of directors. Fischer said few of her counterparts in the industry are afforded the ability to truly exercise influence directly at the top.

Her presence at the leadership table is largely a result of Davis & Kuelthau’s desire to “evolve with the rapidly changing business environment for our clients and integrate those variables into our service and marketing approach.”

Fischer has long been interested in the law but decided that being an attorney was not for her. Now, as the marketing director at Davis & Kuelthau, Fischer has the best of both worlds. She is still part of a legal team but enjoys much more leeway than is typically granted to lawyers.

“Instead of focusing on a single area of law my role is to know each of our clients and ensure our services are communicated directly in line with their needs,” she said.

What distinguishes her work, according to the attorney James Braza, is that Fischer understands that the firm’s strategy and its marketing function are inextricably linked.

“That means we have to see ourselves through two lenses: our own and through our clients’ eyes,” Fischer said. “Marketing works best when the focus is on who receives the message. If they don’t personally relate they’ll never hear the message.”

Colleagues point to Fischer’s setting up of in-house industry teams, each made up of attorneys specializing in a variety of disciplines. The teams help plan marketing strategies.

Fischer, for her part, works with the teams to court prospective clients and develop methods to establish meaningful rapport. The efforts have given rise to new relationships and, ultimately, new business.

Fischer has also taken to working with young lawyers at the firm. She helps them expand their own networks while becoming better communicators and producers of day-to-day business.

So, as Fischer has proved with abundant evidence, there is life after law school.

“After dreaming of being a lawyer for so many years, making the decision to change my career course wasn’t easy,” she said. “But I found the right path for me where I could bring value to the table and help businesses thrive.”

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