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Power 30 Personal Injury Attorneys – Emil Ovbiagele


Emil Ovbiagele

Emil Ovbiagele

Power 30 Personal Injury Attorneys – Emil Ovbiagele


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Milwaukee attorney Emil Ovbiagele is living the American dream.

Ovbiagele came to Milwaukee from Nigeria when he was 16 years old and has since earned three degrees from Marquette University (Undergraduate, MBA, and JD).

He is the founding partner of OVB Law & Consulting S.C. and was recently sworn in as the newest Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) President.

His latest honor is being named among the top 30 personal injury attorneys in the state of Wisconsin. Back in the Summer of 2022, The American Bar Association selected Ovbiagele as an On the Rise – Top 40 Young Lawyers.

Ovbiagele shared that he tragically lost his father when he was just 13 years old. He and his two sisters were brought up by their mother, Rosemary Ovbiagele.

A positive attitude has guided the attorney’s success.

“From the onset of my journey into law, I have always believed that the law should serve as a beacon for positive change. This principle has always been a deep-rooted commitment to my clients, positioning myself as their anchor amidst life’s turbulent storms and guiding them through challenges with purpose and poise,” Ovbiagele said.

“At OVB Law & Consulting S.C., our practice isn’t just about interpreting the law — it’s about upholding values of conviction and integrity in every decision we make. My dedication to each case, every counsel, is fueled by an unwavering desire to champion the rights of my clients as their legal gladiator. In the courtroom, in business strategy sessions, or mentoring the next generation of lawyers, one truth remains paramount: The practice of law, for me, isn’t merely a profession; it’s a profound calling,” Ovbiagele said.


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