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Mario White appointed as Dane County judge

Mario White appointed as Dane County judge

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Photo of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Mario White
Dane County Circuit Court Judge Mario White (Photo by Tessa Tsarong)

Mario White has been appointed as a Dane County Circuit Court judge.

His appointment, announced on Tuesday, fills a vacancy created by Chief Judge William Hanrahan’s resignation.

White is currently a Dane County Circuit Court commissioner, handling family, criminal and other proceedings. He’s also an adjunct professor at UW Law School, teaching trial advocacy and coaching mock trial.

White previously served as a an assistant state public defender in Dane County for 10 years. Prior to his career in law, he was a high school math teacher in Dallas for three years.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, Gov. Tony Evers said White’s experience as a teacher and public defender ensures the community is reflected in and understood by the judiciary.

“As the last week has shown, we need top-to-bottom change in our criminal justice system to address its systemic racism,” Evers said in a statement.

White said the need for a compassionate, impartial, and independent judiciary has never been greater. He said he looks forward to bringing his perspective and experiences to the bench to ensure equal justice for all.

White is a 2008 UW Law School graduate and a 2017 Wisconsin Law Journal Leader in the Law.


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