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Raymond provides wit and wisdom

By: Alison Henderson//December 1, 2016//

Raymond provides wit and wisdom

By: Alison Henderson//December 1, 2016//

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Tammy Raymond - Legal Secretary - Godfrey & Kahn
Tammy Raymond – Legal Secretary – Godfrey & Kahn

Tammy Raymond has been described as organized, proactive and generous in her work as a legal secretary.

The 51-year-old is lauded by her colleagues for her role as a leader among her peers, and is known as a tranquil presence in stressful situations.

“Whether it is day-to-day operations or court trials, this litigation secretary is who you want to call when you need an exceptional work product, fresh perspective, team support, dedication and fun even in the most stressful situations,” her colleagues said in a statement. “Her phone extension is on our speed dial.”

But it seems her most appreciated quality is her “wicked” sense of humor.

“When things start to heat up, find a joke or prank to play on somebody to lighten them up,” Raymond said. “You have to have a sense of humor.”

During her 25 years at Godfrey & Kahn, she has worked with the firm’s labor and employment and corporate teams but enjoys the fast-paced environment she finds with the litigation team, where she has been for 11 years.

“Whether Tammy realizes it or not, the inner drive she displays each and every day helps make everyone’s job around her easier, and also serves as an active benchmark,” her colleagues said.

Raymond is also involved in a number of initiatives and committees, including fundraising for the Boys & Girls Club Bowl-A-Thon, the Susan G. Komen walk, the firm’s Health and Wellness Committee and the committee that helped plan the agency’s transition from its Water Street building to its East Michigan site.

“I have had the privilege of working with Tammy Raymond for nearly 20 years and helped with her onboarding as a new employee at Godfrey & Kahn,” said Carol Rehak, who trained Raymond when she joined Godfrey & Kahn. “I learned Tammy is a quick study and a model career-minded support professional for this conservative industry. Over the years, Tammy’s solid work ethic, organizational skills and dry wit have always helped her teams to shine.”

“I am very proud of my work product. I try and make my work product the very best it can be because I’m proud of what the firm is as a whole,” Raymond said.


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