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BEV BUTULA: Map out your data

The website for “Governing” magazine, a publication that focuses on policy and management for state and local governments, maintains a great collection of data.

Its state and local government data page includes maps and statistics on several topics, including the economy, education, finance, health, public workforce, technology, and transportation.

There is a significant amount of useful data for the legal researcher. In fact, there are maps summarizing various legal issues (e.g. State Pension Forfeiture Laws, Marijuana Laws, Same Sex Marriage) that a researcher can use just like a 50-state survey. The only negative is that many of the “state laws” maps do not provide the correlating statutory sections.

There are several items on the “Governing” data website that I found interesting. Some include data on cities that bike to work, state data on Older Workers in the Workforce and State License Renewal Laws for Older Drivers.

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