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Milwaukee County courts open despite cold

The majority of Milwaukee County’s governmental offices are closed Monday due to the frigid weather.

All “nonessential personnel” were given the day off because of the temperatures, according to a news release from County Executive Chris Abele’s office. The temperature is expected to stay below zero throughout Monday. “Essential employees,” such as the Facilities Management department, were expected to report to work, according to the release.

However, the courthouse, as well as Children’s Court on Watertown Plank Road, are open. Those who were summoned for jury duty are expected to report.

The cold couldn’t keep the governor from reporting for jury duty Monday.

Gov. Scott Walker showed up but was not picked to hear a murder trial in Milwaukee County.

Walker and 18 other potential jurors were struck from the panel Monday. No reasons were given.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Walker must wait with the rest of the juror pool until at least Monday afternoon for other trials that get underway.

Walker, who lives in Wauwatosa, says it was the third time he’s been called for jury duty since holding public office.

He says he was not selected to sit on any trials during those stints.

Walker’s jury duty this week had originally been scheduled for last summer but was deferred because of the July Milwaukee County Courthouse fire.

The Associated Press also contributed to this report.

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