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Wis. justices suspend Chicago attorney for domestic abuse convictions

By: Eric Heisig//December 17, 2013//

Wis. justices suspend Chicago attorney for domestic abuse convictions

By: Eric Heisig//December 17, 2013//

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court has suspended a Chicago attorney for three domestic abuse-related convictions, rejecting a referee’s decision to simply issue a public reprimand.

Vladimir Gorokhovsky – who has been disciplined twice since being admitted in 2002 to practice law in Wisconsin – will be suspended for 60 days, starting Jan. 21. He also was ordered to pay $13,835.76 to the Office of Lawyer Regulation for the cost of the proceeding.

The court’s opinion, released Tuesday, states that Gorokhovsky was convicted in 2010 of two counts battery and one count disorderly conduct, all of which stemmed from domestic abuse. Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Sandy Williams sentenced Gorokhovsky to 60 days in jail and 18 months probation.

It also states that Gorokhovsky filed a motion to stay a trial in Cook County, Ill., explaining that he had “gone through a dramatic event in his life, resulting in partial incapacitation.” That was later explained to be the skin condition psoriasis.

The stay was granted, though Gorokhovsky continued to file motions and show up for hearings in cases in Wisconsin, according to the state Supreme Court. When one of the defendants in the Cook County trial found out about this, he filed a motion for sanctions, and a judge removed Gorokhovsky from the case and fined him and his client $500 each.

State Supreme Court referee James Winiarski recommended a public reprimand. But the justices explained that it thought the referee’s punishment recommendation was too light because “this is the third time that Attorney Gorokhovsky has been the subject of a disciplinary action.”

“Domestic violence is an undisputedly serious crime,” the court stated in its opinion, “that reflects adversely on Attorney Gorokhovsky’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects.”

Gorokhovsky did not immediately return a phone call Tuesday.


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