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Professional Responsibility — suspension

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — suspension

Where attorney Arik J. Guenther failed to cooperate with OLR, and admitted the allegations against him, a 60-day suspension is appropriate.

“Attorney Guenther filed an answer on March 8, 2012, admitting the allegations contained in the OLR’s complaint. The parties agreed that the matter could be resolved upon the pleadings, without need for an evidentiary hearing. The referee issued his report and recommendation on May 3, 2012. The referee found that by failing to respond to the OLR’s letters and in failing to cooperate with the District 13 Committee investigation, Attorney Guenther committed professional misconduct. The referee recommended that Attorney Guenther’s license to practice law be suspended for 60 days and that he be required to pay the full costs of this proceeding.”

“After independently reviewing the matter, we conclude that the referee’s findings of fact are not clearly erroneous, and we adopt them. We also agree that the referee’s conclusions of law regarding Attorney Guenther’s misconduct are correct, and we concur with the referee that a 60-day suspension of Attorney Guenther’s license to practice law is appropriate. We also agree that Attorney Guenther should be required to pay the full costs of this disciplinary proceeding.”

2012AP93-D OLR v. Guenther

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Weigel, William J., Madison; Hendrix, Jonathan E., Madison; For Respondent: Guenther, Arik J., Campbellsport

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