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Sentencing — sentence credit

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Sentencing — sentence credit

John David Tiggs, pro se, appeals from an order rejecting his challenge to the Department of Corrections’ revocation of his probation and denying his request for sentence credit, and from an order denying reconsideration. We agree with the circuit court that the proper way to challenge the revocation was by certiorari, a step not taken here. We also agree that Tiggs is not entitled to credit in this case for time served on sentences from Racine and Grant Counties. However, we reverse and remand the orders with respect to Tiggs’s second claim for sentence credit because we conclude that the record is insufficiently developed and fact-finding will be necessary. This opinion shall not be published.

2010AP2873-CR State v. Tiggs

Dist I, Milwaukee County, Grunsven, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Tiggs, John David, pro se; For Respondent: Loebel, Karen A., Milwaukee; Weinstein, Warren D., Madison

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