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Judge upholds injunction in voter ID lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A Wisconsin judge has refused to lift his permanent injunction of the state’s voter photo identification law.

The state Department of Justice asked Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess last week to lift the injunction. Niess refused the request Tuesday.

Niess granted the injunction March 12, less than a week after another Wisconsin judge filed a temporary injunction in a separate lawsuit challenging the law. DOJ has appealed both decisions.

Republicans want the injunctions erased before the April 3 presidential primary. They fear the court cases have created uncertainty over the law and will confuse voters.

The law’s opponents say the measure will disenfranchise minority groups as well as the poor, students and senior citizens who lack photo identification.

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  1. The only action that will “confuse voters” is to overturn the injunction. If the injunction stays in place, everyone who is entitled to vote will be able to vote. However, if it is vacated and everyone does not hear that it is vacated, a legal voter could appear at the polls without photo ID, mistakenly believing that it no longer is required. The most rational thing to do now (beyond merely accepting that the law is unconstitutional) is to leave the injunction in place for the primary.

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