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BEV BUTULA: Tracking criminal activity through the Crime Alert Network

The Wisconsin Attorney General issued a press release Wednesday regarding the Crime Alert Network.

Well, since I knew nothing about this service I had to learn more about it. The website indicates that the network “allows law enforcement agencies to send out crime alert bulletins to businesses and the public about crime which may affect them. The program assists businesses in preventing and deterring crime, as well as assist police departments in solving crime and apprehending criminals. Alerts are tailored to specific types of businesses and geographic regions in order to provide the most useful information to those who are voluntary members of the network.”

There is an annual cost of $12 per year to receive the alerts.

Alerts could include information on police action, crime prevention, finding stolen property, identifying suspects, and locating missing persons. Alerts are sent via email, fax and text.

Businesses may want to take advantage of this service for various reasons, including keeping current on crimes that could affect their customers or facility.

Businesses can select from a list of 50 different business types when they register. A few examples include schools, manufacturing, nursing homes, media or banks/financial entities.

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