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‘Prosser Must Go’ rally planned for noon at Capitol

David Prosser

Women’s rights organizations and elected officials plan to gather at the Capitol on Tuesday to call for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to step aside.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused Prosser of putting her in a chokehold her during an argument in her office last month — a charge he denies. Authorities are investigating the allegations.

Tuesday’s “Prosser Must Go” rally is scheduled to start at noon at the Capitol, according to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. At the event, participants plan to call for Prosser to step aside during the investigation and to resign if the incident is confirmed.

Speakers scheduled for the event include Dane County Supervisor Melissa Sargent, Madison Alderwoman Lisa Subeck and Anthony Prince, of the National Lawyers Guild – Madison chapter.


  1. Where is the proof?????????????

  2. Parasites don’t need proof, just a host. That is why the MSM does so well.

  3. According to Prosser, and his supporters, he can behave in any fashion because the workplace standards within the Wisconsin Supreme Court are unique, and can’t compare to the laws and rules of a typical workplace. Is it the architecture that gives Prosser the entitlement to behave in a violent, sexist manner, or is it his bold faced contempt he has towards his female associates? I want to see this reckless zealot’s career destroyed!

  4. How’d that turn out? Oh yeah. He was sworn into office Aug. 1st.

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