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Divorce – Child Placement

Kelly Jackson appeals pro se the final placement order in a series of post-divorce decisions on custodial decision-making, placement, and support that were issued after her ex-husband, Trent Jackson, moved to modify the parties’ physical placement schedule and reduce his child support obligation and Kelly filed several cross-motions relating to custodial decision-making, placement, and support.

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Declaratory Judgment

In this tax incremental financing (TIF) dispute, Voters with Facts, four limited liability companies, and fourteen individual plaintiffs (collectively, “Voters”) appeal a dismissal on the pleadings granted in favor of the City of Eau Claire (the “City”) and the City of Eau Claire Joint Review Board (the “Review Board”).

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Court Error – Motion for Mistrial

Valentin Sanchez appeals a judgment convicting him of three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of twelve. Sanchez first argues the circuit court violated his right to present a defense and erroneously exercised its discretion by denying his motion to admit evidence of the child-victim’s alternative basis for her knowledge of the type of sexual contact alleged in the complaint.

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