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Judgment Awards

Arthur D. Dyer appeals a judgment awarding Thompson Law Offices, S.C., the monetary amount of $27,264.99 and immediate possession of two of Dyer’s vehicles to account for legal services rendered under a fee agreement, and dismissing Dyer’s action for declaratory judgment against Thompson Law Offices and Attorney Gary W. Thompson.

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Spoliation of Evidence Doctrine

Brianna Kopp, Victoria Neuman, and Jennifer Kempka (collectively, the “Plaintiffs”) appeal an order dismissing their claims against the School District of Crivitz and its insurer (together, the “District”), Michael and Kam Dama (together, the “Damas”), and their daughter, Sophia Dama (collectively with the Damas and the District, the “Defendants”).

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Subject-matter Jurisdiction

Philip Bernstein, an attorney appointed under the Criminal Justice Act (“CJA or the Act”) to represent an indigent defendant in federal district court, hired forensic expert Erich Speckin to analyze evidence for the defense.

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