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Wrongful conviction, drunken driving bills left off Senate agenda (UPDATE)

The Wisconsin Senate is unlikely to take up bills that would outlaw so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants, increase compensation for the wrongly convicted and allow students to deduct debt from their income taxes when it convenes Tuesday for what's expected to be the last floor period of the two-year legislative session.

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Assembly approves wrongful conviction compensation

Wisconsin legislators took a step Tuesday toward dramatically increasing compensation for the wrongly convicted, unanimously passing a bill in the state Assembly that would boost exonorees' payouts and grant them state insurance and job training benefits.

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Legislators propose raising wrongful conviction cap (UPDATE)

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is moving to dramatically restructure compensation rules for people wrongly convicted in Wisconsin, introducing a bill Thursday that would raise the maximum payout from $25,000 to $1 million and remove exonerees' cases from the state's public court database.

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US prosecutors revisiting nearly 5,000 convictions

When three half brothers' decades-old murder convictions were thrown out last month, they became a dramatic example of an idea spreading among prosecutors nationwide: "integrity units" dedicated to double-checking convictions to determine whether justice was served.

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Legal minds eye quality control for convictions

Hospitals have staff conferences to examine why patients died. Airline pilots have a system for voluntarily submitting information on safety concerns. Yet the life-and-death world of criminal justice often operates without a similar mechanism for probing its most feared failures: wrongful convictions.

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