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Contracts, Unjust enrichment

Contracts Unjust enrichment Midwestern Roofing & Construction, Inc., pro se, appeals from a judgment entered after the trial court found Burkhart Construction Corporation of Milwaukee entitled to summary judgment on its unjust enrichment claim. For the reasons which follow, we affirm. This opinion will not be published. 2011AP1321 Burkhart Construction Corp. of Milwaukee v. Midwestern Roofing & Construction, Inc. Dist. ...

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08-CV-0310 Fail-Safe, LLC, v. A.O. Smith Corp.

Contracts Unjust enrichment It is not inequitable for one to benefit from the willful disclosure of information or an idea when such an idea or invention is not protected by some sort of intellectual property right. “The court’s holding is consistent with the policies underlying trade secret law, which is intended to ‘encourage innovation and development’ without ‘stifl[ing] legitimate competition ...

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