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Apr 7, 2022

NLRB lawyer seeks to toss out company meetings on unions

The top lawyer for the National Labor Relations Board will ask the board to rule that mandatory meetings held by some companies to persuade their workers to reject unions is a violation of federal labor law.

Jan 28, 2021

WILL files notice of claim over MPS union-leave policy

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is preparing for a legal fight over a Milwaukee Public Schools policy that allows employees to take paid union leave.

Oct 28, 2019

Supreme Court hears union arguments for paying workers to ‘don,’ ‘doff’ uniforms

A lawsuit in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court will determine if employees at a Fort Atkinson food production factory should receive back pay for putting on work clothes before a shift and taking them off afterward.

Jul 16, 2019

Public unions see only modest decline after court ruling

Anticipating that the U.S. Supreme Court might end mandatory union fees for public employees, some labor-friendly states enacted laws last year to protect membership rolls while unions redoubled their recruitment efforts. Those steps appear to have paid off, at least initially.

Jun 27, 2018

Supreme Court deals big setback to labor unions

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious blow to organized labor.

Feb 6, 2018

Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs delay in releasing union records

The Wisconsin Supreme Court says public records about union elections can be withheld from release longer than usual to protect against possible voter intimidation.

Mar 29, 2016

Supreme Court deadlock upholds win for unions in fee case (UPDATE)

A tie vote from the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a win to labor unions in a high-profile dispute over their ability to collect fees.

Dec 1, 2015

Madison teachers union sues over certification documents (UPDATE)

The Madison teachers union has filed a lawsuit demanding state labor officials pay for refusing to hand over voters' names during a recertification election last month.

Jun 30, 2015

US justices take up dispute over union fees

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that labor officials say could threaten membership and further weaken union clout.

Jun 24, 2015

Dispute over union fees could return to US Supreme Court

Powerful public-sector unions are facing another high-profile legal challenge that they say could wipe away millions from their bank accounts and make it tougher for them to survive.

Dec 11, 2014

Labor board OKs personal use of company email

Employees can use their company email accounts for union organizing and other workplace-related purposes, if they do it on their own time, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

Sep 10, 2014

Group sues Madison schools over teacher contract (UPDATE)

School officials in Madison violated Republican Gov. Scott Walker's signature law barring public employers from collectively bargaining with their workers when it set up new contracts with the local teachers unions, a conservative group alleged in a lawsuit filed late Wednesday.


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