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Wisconsin defendants sue over lack of public defenders

A group of defendants from northern Wisconsin is suing over what they're calling a lack of adequate staff and funding in the state Public Defender's Office, arguing the rights of indigent defendants in Wisconsin to competent attorneys and speedy trials have been violated.

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For Watson, listening to clients is key

After working for the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s office for more than 20 years, DeeDee Watson hears the same two questions time and time again: How is she able to defend her indigent criminal clients, and how can she do it for so long?

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McMahon fights for her clients by getting personal

Maura McMahon wants to know every client’s story. Throughout the past 12 years in the State Public Defender’s Waukesha office, she has advocated for women, children and the mentally ill, but the often-troubling details of those cases have done little to dim her bright outlook.

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Public Defenders Office dealing with collective bargaining fallout

The Wisconsin State Public Defenders Office doesn’t expect a mass exodus of attorneys and staff if legislation passes that would effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for government employees. But SPD Chair Daniel M. Berkos acknowledged that some losses are likely as a result of the proposed changes that seek to increase employee contributions to pensions and health care costs. “There ...

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SPD expects budget shortfall

As someone who depends on appointments from the State Public Defender's Office to sustain her practice, Dianne M. Erickson is not looking forward to February.

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