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Web privacy bill scheduled for committee vote

A proposal that would make it illegal for Wisconsin employers to ask workers or job applicants to turn over their passwords to social media accounts such as Facebook is scheduled for a committee vote.

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Who owns your social media account, connections?

Corporate tweeters or bloggers — employees who post promotional and often entertaining commentary on behalf of their employers’ businesses — add much of their own personal brand — their voice, their opinions, their snarky remarks — to the information they are disseminating on the company’s behalf.

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Future-proof your firm

The future of private practice has been the subject of much speculation for the last several years. While some partners behave as if things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we are headed to a “new normal” in our future.

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What you need to know about e-discovery in 2013

Reflecting the always-changing world of technology, electronic discovery presents new challenges for lawyers in 2013. At the forefront: social media evidence, smartphone data and the judicial blessing of a new form of discovery review.

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Critical online reviews can carry legal risks

A Minnesota doctor took offense when a patient's son posted critical remarks about him on some rate-your-doctor websites, including a comment by a nurse who purportedly called the physician "a real tool."

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Social media need for ad revenues spurs new offerings for companies

If you’re a Facebook junkie, if you have a black belt in tweeting or if you are the mayor of your favorite coffee shop on Foursquare, you might not like the news from a leading technology consultant: More advertising is coming to all your favorite social media platforms, including mobile devices, and it will be showing up in places you haven’t seen it before.

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