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OWI ruling splits state Supreme Court

A judge’s decision to allow a doctor to testify to the intoxication of a drunken-driving defendant can be considered a “harmless error,” the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday, because it was not the evidence that led the jury to find him guilty.

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Ruling raises questions about mortgage market

A Wisconsin Supreme Court decision issued Thursday avoided a reinterpretation of law that would have left many mortgage lenders wondering if they could retain their right to foreclose on delinquent loans.

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Roggensack self-funding sentencing disparity study

Concerned by studies and articles that, she said, seemed to infer judges were sentencing black defendants more harshly than their white counterparts, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack is paying thousands of dollars of her own money to research the potential disparity.

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State hikes pro hac vice fees

A $200 increase to the fee out-of-state attorneys pay to handle cases in Wisconsin will bring a much-needed boost to the state’s Access to Justice Commission and Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation.

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Justices strike down 2 State Bar proposals

The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously struck down a State Bar bylaw Friday that would have allowed the Board of Governors to remove one of its own, with one justice saying the rule as written was “insane.”

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