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Justice Dept. curtails agents’ use of ‘no-knock’ warrants

The Justice Department said Tuesday it is curtailing federal agents' use of "no-knock" warrants — which allow law enforcement agents to enter a home without announcing their presence — and would also prohibit its agents from using chokeholds in most circumstances.

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10-1612 U.S. v. Norris

Search and Seizure Search warrants; execution Use of a taser does not render execution of a search warrant unreasonable. “Officer Young’s actions were reasonable. Mr. Norris not only exhibited behavior consistent with an intent to discard evidence, he also engaged in actions that suggested he was reaching for a weapon. At this point, Officer Young had every reason to be ...

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10-2409 Johnson v. Manitowoc County

Civil Rights Search warrants; reasonableness Officers are not required to use the least possible destructive means to execute a search warrant. “Johnson argues that the officers’ use of the jackhammer violates the reasonableness standard of the Fourth Amendment. He contends that the officers should have used a diamond or carbide-bladed saw, which would have resulted in less damage to the ...

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2010AP1101-CR State v. Aderholdt

Search and Seizure Search warrants; probable cause Richard Aderholdt appeals a judgment convicting him of manufacturing THC with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug trafficking place. He argues that the circuit court erred when it denied his motion to suppress evidence seized pursuant to a search warrant because the affidavit in support of the warrant failed to establish probable ...

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2010AP98-CR State v. Williams

Search and Seizure Search warrants; staleness Demonn S. Williams appeals from a judgment of conviction entered upon his guilty pleas to two felonies. The issue is whether the circuit court erroneously denied his motion to suppress evidence found when police executed a search warrant at his home. Williams contends that the search warrant was invalid because it rested on stale ...

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