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Lawyer suspended for sending threatening emails

A lawyer violated professional rules of conduct by sending threatening emails to several individuals after the multimillion dollar settlement of his wife’s lawsuit against her former employer, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled in imposing a 90-day suspension.

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10-1453 Lewis v. School District #70

Civil Procedure Sanctions; dismissal Where a case is settled, but the plaintiff backs out, the district court may dismiss the lawsuit as a sanction. “We do not render this decision lightly. The settlement agreement that was vacated provided for what on all accounts appeared to be a significant recovery for Lewis; the defendants had even admitted liability on the FMLA ...

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2010AP2308 Schapiro v. Pokos

Civil Procedure Sanctions Where the Court of Appeals orders that sanctions be imposed, the prevailing party need not bring a motion in the circuit court to enforce it. “Morters does not modify the procedure under Wis. Stat. § 806.16, which, as Schapiro acknowledges, on its face allowed the trial court to enter judgment regarding our December 2009 judgment in this ...

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2010AP2328 Milwaukee Pain Treatment Services S.C. v. Johnson

Civil Procedure Failure to comply with scheduling order; sanctions Allen Johnson, pro se, appeals a circuit court order granting judgment in favor of Milwaukee Pain Treatment Services, S.C. (Milwaukee Pain). The circuit court found that Johnson’s failure to comply with a scheduling order and his failure to appear at a pre-trial conference constituted egregious conduct and determined that Johnson’s acts ...

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10-2013, 10-2042 & 10-3026 Lee v. Cook County

Civil Procedure Sanctions Where the plaintiffs’ attorney failed to file a timely appeal or file new suits in the district court after the case was dismissed without prejudice, failed to comply with court rules, and failed to be admitted to bar, a $5,000 sanction is imposed. “The events recounted in this opinion show that Greco is a menace to his ...

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2010AP1765 Richardson v. Henderson

Civil Procedure Sanctions; safe harbor provision Trevor Richardson appeals from a circuit court order granting Richard Henderson’s motion for sanctions and ordering Richardson to pay $2500 toward Henderson’s attorney fees. Richardson challenges the circuit court’s order on grounds that Henderson and the circuit court did not follow proper procedure under Wis. Stat. § 802.05 and that the court’s award of ...

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