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Mar 15, 2011

2010AP1745 State ex rel. Hatchett v. Schwarz

Probation and Parole Revocation Antoine Hatchett, pro se, appeals from a circuit court order denying his request for relief in a certiorari review of the decision to revoke his probation. Hatchett argues that his probation should not have been revoked because the basis for revocation—Hatchett’s refusal to sign a statement given to his probation agent—was […]

Dec 21, 2010

2010AP728 State ex rel. Holloway v. Schwarz, et al.

Extended Supervision Revocation Gregory Holloway, pro se, challenges a circuit court order upholding the revocation of his extended supervision. We affirm. This opinion will not be published. 2010AP728 State ex rel. Holloway v. Schwarz, et al. Dist I, Milwaukee County, Sosnay, J., Per Curiam Attorneys: For Appellant: Holloway, Gregory, pro se; For Respondent: Moriarty, Richard […]

Dec 21, 2010

2009AP3102 Szarkowitz v. Division of Hearings and Appeals

Probation Revocation Mark Szarkowitz, pro se, appeals from an order dismissing as untimely his petition for writ of certiorari. The petition challenged a decision sustaining the revocation of his probation. Szarkowitz argues we should construe a prior letter to the circuit court as a timely petition for certiorari. He also argues the time for filing […]

Dec 14, 2010

2010AP83-CR State v. Walker

Probation and Parole Revocation Jason Walker was sentenced after revocation of his probation. The sentencing court considered probation violations that Walker denied committing. Walker argues the court could not consider the violations because the State did not prove he committed them. He contends the sentencing court was obligated to resolve the factual dispute about whether […]

Dec 3, 2010

08-1889 Samirah v. Holder

Immigration Advance parole; revocation Where a grant of advanced parole is later revoked, the alien must be permitted to reenter the United States for the purpose of reacquiring lawful resident status. “We do not retract our earlier statement, based on our previous decision, that the immigration statute makes the grant of advance parole discretionary, 8 […]

Nov 9, 2010

2009AP2877 State ex rel. Blecker v. Schwartz

Probation and Parole Revocation David A. Blecker appeals a judgment affirming the revocation of his probation. He contends the revocation was based on insufficient evidence that was not credible, probative or substantial, in part because it depended on statements that should be considered part of a polygraph examination, and it was unfair to require him […]

Nov 3, 2010

2010AP260-D OLR v. Elliott

Professional Responsibility Revocation Where attorney Peter T. Elliott, engaged in a multi-million dollar check-kiting scheme, revocation is appropriate. “With respect to the level of discipline, we wholeheartedly agree with the referee’s comment that Attorney Elliott is not fit to be licensed as a lawyer in the state of Wisconsin. He engaged in a lengthy pattern […]

Oct 21, 2010

2009AP2074 State ex rel. Campbell v. Schwarz

Criminal Procedure Probation; revocation; motions to reopen John Campbell appeals a certiorari decision affirming the administrative denial of his motion to reopen a probation revocation hearing based upon newly discovered evidence. For the reasons discussed below, we conclude that Campbell was entitled to have his revocation hearing reopened. Accordingly, we reverse the trial court’s order [...]

Oct 6, 2010

2009AP3177-D OLR v. Kramer

Professional Responsibility Revocation Where attorney Mark R. Kramer committed 69 violations of the rules, including converting client funds, revocation is appropriate. “It is clear that Attorney Kramer’s professional misconduct requires the severest level of discipline that we impose, namely, the revocation of his license to practice law in Wisconsin. Attorney Kramer engaged in a patt[...]


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