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2010AP1362-CR State v. Hoseman

Sentencing Restitution Where a defendant convicted of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana made unauthorized alterations to a rented home to operate a hydroponic growing operation, he can be ordered to pay restitution for damages to the home. “The cases Hoseman relies ...

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2010AP1930-CR State v. Sampson

Sentencing Restitution Gary Sampson was convicted of misdemeanor theft in a business setting, contrary to Wis. Stat. § 943.20(1)(b). The circuit court ordered Sampson to pay restitution. Sampson argues the court erred by setting restitution at the amount the victim ...

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2009AP2813-CR State v. Nichols

Sentencing Restitution Sean A. Nichols appeals from a judgment of conviction for failure to pay child support and an order denying his motion for postconviction relief. Nichols argues that the circuit court did not follow the proper procedures for entering ...

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