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2009AP3069-CR State v. Batt

Motor Vehicles OWI; alternate tests After arresting a suspect for driving while intoxicated, officers are not required to provide him both an alternative test at their expense, and another alternative test at the suspect’s expense. “We interpret Stary’s ‘three obligations’ ...

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2010AP1097-CR State v. Sedahl

Motor Vehicles OWI; community caretaker doctrine The State appeals an order dismissing a criminal complaint charging Jason Sedahl with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, fourth offense, and operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration, fourth offense. The ...

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2009AP2475-CR State v. Nelis

Motor Vehicles OWI; reasonable suspicion Paul Nelis appeals a judgment convicting him of operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration, fifth and subsequent offense, and possession of a controlled substance, as party to a crime. He argues the circuit court should ...

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