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2010AP221 Kriegl v. Stammen

Open Records Definition of ‘record’ Thomas Kriegl appeals from the judgment that dismissed his petition for a writ of mandamus. Kriegl argues that Randy Stammen violated the open records law by not providing him with information he sought and by not posting a sign that complies with the statutory requirements. Wis. Stat. §§ 19.34(1), 19.35 (2007-08). Stammen cross-appeals from that ...

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10-1963 American Bank v. City of Menasha

Civil Procedure Discovery; open records A Wisconsin municipality cannot get a stay of discovery, where the requested materials are subject to the open records law. “The case law uniformly refuses to define requests for access to federal or state public records under public-records laws (such as the federal Freedom of Information Act and state public records laws-including Wisconsin’s) as discovery ...

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