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Feb 6, 2017

Gorsuch seen as business-friendly on labor, workplace issues

In a decade as a federal appeals court judge, U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has criticized courts for giving too much power to government agencies that enforce the nation's labor and employment laws. As a lawyer in private practice, he also backed curbs on some class-action lawsuits.

Apr 2, 2016

NLRB: Menard Inc. violating labor law in employee treatment

Staff at the National Labor Relations Board says Wisconsin-based home improvement chain Menard Inc. is violating federal labor law in how the company treats its employees.

Jan 20, 2016

Madison attorneys wage Epic battle over labor laws

With a single click, Jason Lewis, a former technical writer at Epic Corp., gave away his right to band together with other employees to take his erstwhile employer to court.

Oct 2, 2015

Court slams Caterpillar for denying union access to site of worker’s death

A federal court has ordered Caterpillar to allow a union inspector into its South Milwaukee plant to investigate the 2011 death of a crane operator.

Sep 14, 2015

Walker calls for scrapping Davis-Bacon

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is hoping to pull his campaign off the mat by taking on unions — a familiar foe for the Wisconsin governor — in a sweeping plan to upend pillars of organized labor nationwide.

Dec 11, 2014

Labor board OKs personal use of company email

Employees can use their company email accounts for union organizing and other workplace-related purposes, if they do it on their own time, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

Sep 15, 2014

Case is yet another setback for NLRB

The true effect of the Noel Canning decision is yet to be seen, but it definitely will affect some companies that have cases pending on appeal.

Jun 30, 2014

Recess appointment ruling could spur NLRB delays, congressional gridlock

The U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down President Barack Obama’s 2012 recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board invalidated hundreds of rulings made by the board over an 18-month period.

Jun 27, 2014

Court ruling comes as Obama’s use of power tested

Before a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court weighed in, the White House had brushed off claims that President Barack Obama was exceeding his executive authority as just so much grousing from frustrated partisans.

Jun 26, 2014

US Supreme Court rebukes Obama on recess appointments

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday limited the president's power to fill high-level vacancies with temporary appointments, ruling in favor of Senate Republicans in their partisan clash with President Barack Obama.

Jun 6, 2014

Fired workers claim living wage support backlash in NLRB charge

Five former employees of an Elm Grove security company that contracts with Milwaukee County claim their support of a county living wage ordinance cost them their jobs.

Apr 28, 2014

New interpretations of legal guidelines for the workplace

From cross-dressing office workers and litigious strippers to employees who can toke like Cheech and Chong, the challenges employers face navigating employment and labor law are anything but boring these days.


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