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Walker calls for scrapping Davis-Bacon

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is hoping to pull his campaign off the mat by taking on unions — a familiar foe for the Wisconsin governor — in a sweeping plan to upend pillars of organized labor nationwide.

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NLRB memo could signal litigation priorities

Labor and employment attorneys are taking special notice of a recent memorandum issued by the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board that requires regional officers to seek guidance from the board’s Division of Advice before proceeding on a broad array of matters.

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NLRB opts not to appeal notice posting rule

Ending a legal battle over one the most controversial labor law regulations in recent history, the National Labor Relations Board has abandoned plans to seek high court review of two appellate decisions striking down the agency’s notice posting rule.

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Supreme Court to decide fate of Obama’s recess appointments

In a case that will decide not only the fate of hundreds of National Labor Relations Board decisions and rules issued over the last 18 months but also help define the constitutional limits of presidential and congressional authority, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the president had the power to install three of his nominees to the board without Senate approval.

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