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Aug 31, 2020

STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: 3 ways they can support your practice

Communications are constantly changing: look no further than bylines in your favorite local newspaper to know that newsrooms are shrinking and resources are constrained.

Feb 22, 2017

Set the stage now for business development success

With almost two months of 2017 behind us, there is no time like the present for lawyers to be working on their business-development plans.

Mar 3, 2015

LEGAL CENTS: The marketing trick you probably haven’t tried

Content marketing isn’t new, but if you’re not doing it yet, you’re missing out.

Jul 16, 2014

State receives $200,000 in drug settlement

Wisconsin will receive $200,000 for its Medicaid program from the settlement of a multi-state lawsuit accusing a pharmaceutical company of improperly marketing a drug.

Jun 26, 2014

Accomplish your marketing goals without breaking the bank

Few firms have the luxury of an unlimited marketing budget — especially small firms, and especially now.

May 9, 2014

The social-media cocktail party, Part 2

While there’s no question that marketing through social media offers another avenue to sell yourself and build relationships, it continues to perplex many lawyers and law firms.

Oct 31, 2013

Commentary: Can marketing your practice make you happier?

There’s been a dramatic shift in how psychologists view happiness. Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard and apply ourselves, success will follow. And once we are successful, we’ll be happy.

Jul 30, 2013

LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Collect first, market second to remedy sinking revenue

When a health problem arises, many are quick to jump to a conclusion about the cure.

May 14, 2013

LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: It’s all about perspective

“Perception is reality,” is an old phrase known to all marketing and sales people.

Apr 12, 2013

Take the Pitino approach to marketing and find a strong starting 5

When the next matter lands on your contact’s desk, what is the chance that he will pick up the phone and call you, rather than your competitor?

Apr 10, 2013

Take it from a marketing vet: A good plan is only half the battle

I recently received a request for proposals to provide marketing services to a large regional law firm with a quickly approaching deadline. I declined.

Nov 23, 2012

Low-cost, high-impact marketing ideas for lawyers

Every day, James Reed sends one personal note.


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