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Former Walker aide loses federal appeal

A former aide to Gov. Scott Walker has lost an appeal of a federal court ruling rejecting her lawsuit alleging that prosecutors in the now-closed John Doe investigation overstepped their constitutional authority.

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Legal sparring continues over voter ID (UPDATE)

With two special elections looming next month and one to fill a vacancy in the state Senate coming later this year, opponents of Wisconsin's new voter identification law want a federal court to expand the number of IDs that voters can show at the polls.

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US justices turn away challenge to state’s voter ID law (UPDATE)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned away a challenge to Wisconsin's voter identification law, allowing the law to stand and handing a victory to Gov. Scott Walker following a long fight by opponents who say it's a thinly veiled attempt to make it more difficult for Democratic backers to vote.

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Appeals court upholds voter ID law

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that Wisconsin's requirement that voters show photo identification at the polls is constitutional, a decision that is not surprising after the court last month allowed for the law to be implemented while it considered the case.

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Appeals court reinstates voter ID law (UPDATE)

In a stunningly fast decision, a federal appeals court in Chicago reinstated Wisconsin's voter photo identification law on Friday — just hours after three Republican-appointed judges heard arguments on reactivating the hotly debated law in time for the November election.

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DMV to provide free documentation following voter ID ruling

In the wake of a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that said it was unfair for residents to pay for documents to obtain a free photo ID for the purposes of voting, the state Department of Transportation announced Wednesday that residents soon will be able to obtain the documents for free.

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