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Wisconsin on brink of constitutional crisis as courts face unprecedented DA, public defender shortage

Editors Note: Our Managing Editor, Steve Schuster spoke to Judges, the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Federal Prosecutors, District Attorneys throughout the Midwest, the State Bar of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Attorney General, Governor Tony's Evers office, as well as legislatures to determine the full extent of the problem and possible solutions on how to fix Wisconsin's broken criminal justice system.

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Agreement near in Milwaukee strip-search case

The prosecution says it's near an agreement with the defense in the case of two Milwaukee police officers accused of failing to intervene as fellow officers conducted illegal strip searches and body-cavity searches.

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Insanity defenses face long odds

Despite a few recent cases in which a mental defense was raised, local judges, attorneys and court observers say there has been a decline in the frequency of the defense.

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Montel Williams’ drug paraphernalia charge dropped

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A judge dismissed a drug paraphernalia possession charge against former talk show host Montel Williams, who was briefly detained at a Milwaukee airport in January after a search of his luggage turned up the type of pipe commonly used for smoking marijuana. Williams, who says he legally uses marijuana to treat chronic pain caused by multiple sclerosis, ...

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Fragmented sentence: Attorneys debate early release laws

A state budget provision that would alter and eliminate early release options for inmates could prompt criminal defense attorneys to take more cases to trial. Gov. Scott Walker’s 2011-13 state budget proposal strengthens the truth-in-sentencing laws passed more than a decade ago in Wisconsin by modifying or removing early release for many inmates. Specifically, Walker wants to eliminate time off ...

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