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Joe DeCecco

Aug 16, 2013

Klokow might benefit from 1957 parole rules

A Sheboygan woman who killed her baby more than 50 years ago could be paroled two years sooner than prosecutors initially thought, because her case is governed by the less strict parole rules of 1957.

Aug 13, 2013

Second teen sentenced for killing elderly woman

A 14-year-old boy will have his first chance at parole when he's 45 for his part in the killing of an elderly Sheboygan Falls woman.

May 1, 2013

Mom gets up to 10 years for baby’s 1957 death (UPDATE)

A Wisconsin woman accused of killing her baby more than 50 years ago showed up at her sentencing hearing Wednesday expecting to be sentenced to 45 days in jail as part of a plea agreement forged between lawyers. Instead, Ruby C. Klokow was sentenced to a maximum of 1[...]

Apr 16, 2013

Son: Mom ‘evil monster,’ deserves to die in prison

A Wisconsin woman convicted of killing her daughter more than 50 years ago is an "evil monster" who deserves to die in prison, said her adult son, who claims he suffered years of horrific abuse at his mother's hands.

Feb 25, 2013

Jail, probation deal for woman in 1957 murder (UPDATE)

A 76-year-old Wisconsin woman accused of killing her infant daughter more than a half-century ago could serve little jail time after pleading no contest to second-degree murder Monday.

Feb 22, 2013

Prosecutor: Plea deal with mother in 1957 slaying

A 76-year-old woman accused of killing her infant daughter more than 55 years ago in southern Wisconsin has reached a plea agreement, prosecutors said Thursday.

Nov 6, 2012

Mother rejects plea offer in 1957 death

The case of a Sheboygan woman accused of killing her baby 55 years ago is heading to trial after an attempt at a plea agreement fell through.

Sep 21, 2012

Boys, 13, charged with killing great-grandmother

Two 13-year-old Wisconsin boys are charged with using a hatchet and hammer to kill one boy's great-grandmother while stealing jewelry and a car from her home.

Mar 20, 2012

Prosecutor pay progression still far from certain

Legislation to establish a pay progression plan for Wisconsin prosecutors is a signature away from becoming law, but absent financial backing from the state, it is little more than an empty promise.

Jan 25, 2012

Pay progression bill could cause prosecutors to cash out

A legislative proposal authorizing county prosecutor raises is aimed at helping local offices retain talent. But some district attorneys argue the plan will leave them shorthanded.

Jan 23, 2012

State legislators propose raising prosecutors’ pay

State legislators are proposing a pay progression system to help Wisconsin counties retain prosecutors.

Jun 30, 2011

Prosecutors feeling pay pinch

Milwaukee County prosecutor Marissa Santiago is exercising her will to stick with a job she loves, in the face of financial frustration.


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