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Absent court ruling, Assembly to vote on collective bargaining law

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says Republicans will vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal limiting collective bargaining rights this week if the state Supreme Court hasn’t ruled in the case. Fitzgerald said Monday that the changes Walker is seeking will be added to the state budget as an amendment either Tuesday or Wednesday. Republican leaders ...

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State representative proposes Arizona-style immigration bill (UPDATE)

By JASON SMATHERS Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A bill mirroring some of the tough enforcement measures of Arizona’s controversial immigration bill was introduced Tuesday by a state Republican legislator in Wisconsin. The legislation introduced by Rep. Don Pridemore of Hartford would force local law enforcement to ask those stopped for civil or criminal violations for proof of citizenship ...

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Union vote could come in committee (UPDATE)

By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican legislative leaders said Wednesday that if the courts have not ruled on the legality of the collective bargaining bill passed earlier this year by early June, it will be added into the state budget by the Joint Finance Committee. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald both told ...

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Governor halts plans to implement union law

TODD RICHMOND Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin judge on Thursday did what thousands of pro-union protesters and boycotting Democratic lawmakers couldn’t, forcing Republican Gov. Scott Walker to halt plans to implement a law that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights and cut their pay. Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann ...

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Judge: Wisconsin union law not in effect

By SCOTT BAUER and TODD RICHMOND Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin judge ruled Thursday the state’s divisive new collective bargaining law had not taken effect, and officials in Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s administration say he plans to comply with the ruling and to halt preparations to begin deducting money from public workers’ paychecks. Dane County Circuit Judge ...

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Democrats question legality of Assembly vote

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Democrats are still angry with Republicans for abruptly passing a bill that would strip most public sector workers of their collective bargaining rights. After nearly 61 hours of debate on the bill, Assembly Republicans early Friday morning called for a vote and closed the roll within seconds. The measure passed even though 28 members of ...

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