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US Supreme Court takes up debate over immigration deportation rule

In a debate that involved dueling federal statutes and immigration case law, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court questioned whether a permanent resident may seek discretionary relief from removal based on a conviction where he did not depart and reenter the United States.

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10-1932 Moosa v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; Pakistan Being a single Westernized woman is not a sufficient reason to obtain asylum when facing removal to Pakistan. “The reasons cited by the Board and its conclusions are consistent with our repeated reminder that ‘general conditions of ...

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09-2607 Frederick v. Holder

Immigration An alien convicted of sexual abuse of a minor is not eligible for waiver of removal. “The Supreme Court held in St. Cyr that ‘§ 212(c) relief remains available for aliens . . . whose convictions were obtained through ...

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10-1397 Kiorkis v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; Lebanon It was not error to deny asylum to a Christian facing deportation to Lebanon. “Kiorkis’s argument concerning the evidentiary standards applied by the immigration court is not supported by the record. Kiorkis has failed to identify any ...

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