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08-1889 Samirah v. Holder

Immigration Advance parole; revocation Where a grant of advanced parole is later revoked, the alien must be permitted to reenter the United States for the purpose of reacquiring lawful resident status. “We do not retract our earlier statement, based on ...

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09-3065 Champion v. Holder

Immigration Removal; undue hardship It was error to deny a request for cancellation of removal based on undue hardship to the claimant’s children, on the basis that the claimant’s husband could care for them, when the husband also faced removal. ...

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09-3033 Vahora v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; past persecution Witnessing acts of violence against others does not constitute persecution to support a claim for asylum. “We have no intention to minimize a child’s witnessing of a stabbing and other acts of violence committed against members ...

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09-3790 Pawlowska v. Holder

Immigration Voluntary departure; continuance Where an alien participated in a fraudulent immigration scheme, the court lacks jurisdiction to review the denial of her request for a continuance to pursue adjustment of status. “Pawlowska argues that we have jurisdiction under the ...

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08-3478 Toure v. Holder

Immigration Asylum Where an asylum claimant’s testimony was rife with inconsistencies, the immigration judge properly denied her claim. “Based on Toure’s testimony at the 2007 hearing alone, the IJ had sufficient grounds to find her testimony incredible. Toure’s testimony was ...

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09-3378 Muratoski v. Holder

Immigration Exhaustion Where an alien did not preserve an argument before the BIA, he cannot raise it on appeal. “The government is correct that Muratoski did not exhaust the argument he makes now because he did not raise it in ...

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