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Contractor guilty of felony forgery, conspiracy

A jury Thursday found contractor Homer Key, accused of colluding to steal federal grant money from Milwaukee County, guilty of felony forgery and conspiring to commit the crime of having a private interest in a public contract.

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Key testifies in felony theft trial

Contractor Homer Key was particular about his choice of words during his felony theft trial Wednesday, insisting that “retroactive” differs from “backdated” and “units” are not the same as “hours.”

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Auditor testifies to red flags in Key trial

Milwaukee County’s lack of competitive bidding for a disadvantaged business education program created an opportunity, the county’s director of audits testified Friday, for a former county employee to funnel federal grant money to a favored colleague.

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DBE theft, kickback trial kick-starts

A contractor accused of bilking Milwaukee County out of tens of thousands of dollars in federal grant money was no more than a victim of an incompetent bureaucrat, his attorney said Tuesday.

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Theft trial for Milwaukee contractor begins

Jury selection began Monday for the trial of contractor Homer Key, who is accused of colluding with a former Milwaukee County employee to steal federal grants intended to help disadvantaged business enterprises.

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