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Online tools to streamline your email

These days we spend an awful lot of time sorting through and responding to emails. Oftentimes, email ping pong can take up a tremendous amount of time as we attempt to schedule meetings or phone calls on dates and times that work well for a group of invitees.

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To email or not to email

Advances in technology have brought new modalities of communication — and a dizzying array of choices for interaction. But in the age of email, social media and texts, which options are best to use when consulting with clients over their cases?

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THE DARK SIDE: I send personal emails on my work computer

I’d like to propose an experiment. We all have friends who are judges, prosecutors, public defenders, city attorneys or lawyers with state agencies. I suggest that you send to one of your friends an email at their work account that is totally unrelated to work. Maybe something along the lines of: “That David Ziemer is such a jackass; I hate ...

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Ind. prosecutor’s deputy resigns after suggesting fake attack on Walker

CHARLES WILSON Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana prosecutor said one of his deputies resigned Thursday after admitting he sent an email to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker suggesting the Republican fake an attack on himself to discredit the public employee unions protesting his plan to strip them of nearly all collective bargaining rights. Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper ...

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