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Walker appointee Prehn resigns from DNR board

A member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource's policy board appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker who refused to step down even after his term ended nearly two years ago said Friday that he was resigning.

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Animal rights groups sue to stop Wisconsin wolf hunt

A coalition of animal rights groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday to stop Wisconsin's wolf hunt this fall and invalidate a state law mandating annual hunts, arguing the statutes don't give wildlife officials any leeway to consider population estimates.

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DNR staff pressured to OK golf course

"Here's our thistle! This is a rare, very rare plant," retired wetland ecologist Pat Trochlell exclaimed as she stood at the edge of Lake Michigan on a clear, windy and unseasonably cool day in October.

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Republicans eye splitting up DNR (UPDATE)

Republicans in control of the Wisconsin state Legislature are considering splitting up the Department of Natural Resources, scattering parks, forestry, environmental, hunting and fishing programs among three existing agencies and two new ones.

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