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The challenge of asking for damages

By Sylvia Hsieh Dolan Media Newswires BOSTON, MA — When Carl Bettinger stepped up to the jury box in the summer of 2007 to make closing arguments in a nursing home abuse case, he reminded the jury that his client ...

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2010AP355 Heritage Farms, Inc., v. Markel Ins. Co.

Torts Forest fires; damages Section 26.21 does not mandate that double damages be awarded in situations where a private owner’s property is destroyed by a forest fire which occurred though negligence. “The legislature’s use of the words ‘may’ in subsection ...

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2010AP28 Correa v. Leavitt

Torts Damages; past medical expenses Unless the presumption in Rule 908.03(6m)(bm) has been rebutted, medical bills are sufficient to prove past damages. “Although it is clear that the document from Milwaukee Neurological Institute, SC, is, under Hart’s analysis, a ‘patient ...

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