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Criminal Procedure

Aug 22, 2011

10-1156 Winston v. Boatwright

Criminal Procedure Equal protection; peremptory challenges

Aug 22, 2011

10-2245 U.S. v. Sakellarion

Criminal Procedure Appellate waiver

Aug 22, 2011

10-2652 U.S. v. Boender

Criminal Procedure Attorney-client privilege; crime-fraud exception; in camera hearings

Aug 18, 2011

09-1190, 09-1224, 09-1225, 09-1226, 09-1227 & 09-1251 U.S. v. Benabe

Criminal Procedure Right to be present

Aug 16, 2011

2010AP2443-CR State v. Lucius

Criminal Procedure Plea withdrawal; ineffective assistance

Aug 16, 2011

2010AP2554-CR State v. Vargas

Criminal Procedure Ineffective assistance; new trials

Aug 11, 2011

2010AP1599-CR State v. Cain

Criminal Procedure Plea withdrawal; elements of offense; drug quantity

Aug 9, 2011

2010AP2277-CR State v. Pasqual

Criminal Procedure Ineffective assistance

Aug 8, 2011

10-2734 U.S. v. Rutledge

Criminal Procedure Voir dire; equal protection

Aug 8, 2011

10-3936 U.S. v. Gray

Criminal Procedure Due process; exculpatory evidence

Aug 5, 2011

11-1231 Li v. U.S.

Criminal Procedure Ineffective assistance


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