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Clean Water Act at 50: environmental gains, challenges unmet

The Clean Water Act established ambitious goals: making the nation's waters "fishable and swimmable" and restoring their "chemical, physical and biological integrity." It gave the newly established U.S. Environmental Protection Agency broad authority to set and enforce regulations.

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BP civil settlement remains elusive as trial nears

The U.S. Justice Department and the five Gulf coast states affected by a massive oil spill nearly three years ago have indicated they would like to settle their environmental and economic claims with BP PLC ahead of a trial scheduled to start next week.

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Next in BP spill saga: civil trial worth billions

Now that a $4 billion plea deal has resolved BP's criminal liability for the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill nearly three years ago, the company will turn its focus to a trial that could potentially cost it billions of dollars more in civil penalties.

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Court sides with property owners over EPA

The Supreme Court has unanimously sided with Idaho property owners whose plans to build a home were blocked by an Environmental Protection Agency order declaring the property contained wetlands.

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2008AP3235 Andersen v. DNR

Environmental Law Clean Water Act Section 283.63 does not require the DNR to hold a public hearing on a petition for review of a permit when the premise of the petition is that the permit fails to comply with basic requirements of the federal Clean Water Act and federal regulations promulgated thereunder. “Requiring the DNR to hold a public hearing ...

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Supreme Court limits DNR’s power

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court says the state does not have the authority to determine whether state-issued water pollution permits comply with federal law. The court’s 5-2 ruling Wednesday comes in the case of environmentalists who argued a permit was improperly issued in 2005 to Georgia-Pacific’s Broadway Mill in Green Bay. According to the court, the state ...

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