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Civil Procedure

Jul 20, 2011

10-3301 Cardenas v. City of Chicago

Civil Procedure Service

Jul 15, 2011

09-3515 Moore v. Mahone

Civil Procedure Dismissal

Jul 14, 2011

2008AP2897 Northern Air Services, Inc., v. Link

Civil Procedure Postjudgment motions; timeliness

Jul 14, 2011

2009AP2610 Eau Claire County v. Softscape Inc.

Civil Procedure Statute of limitations; relation back statute

Jul 12, 2011

2007AP203 Polsky v. Virnich

Civil Procedure Judicial recusal

Jul 11, 2011

10-1029 Kimbrell v. Brown

Civil Procedure Appeal; final judgment

Jul 7, 2011

09-3921 Alioto v. Town of Lisbon

Civil Procedure Dismissal; waiver

Jul 6, 2011

Jurisdiction tied to corporate formalities

Wisconsin courts have no jurisdiction over a parent corporation merely because they have jurisdiction over a subsidiary.

Jul 1, 2011

2007AP35 Rasmussen v. General Motors Corp.

Civil Procedure Personal jurisdiction

Jun 30, 2011

2010AP1533 Milwaukee Mile Holdings LLC

Civil Procedure Intervention

Jun 27, 2011

10-76 Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations, S.A., v. Brown

Civil Procedure Personal jurisdiction; foreign corporations


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