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Editorial: Undo high court’s lamentable decision

Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

In a body blow to open and transparent government and the ability of citizen watchdog groups and journalists, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 4-3 last summer that a Waukesha community group, Friends of Frame Park, was not entitled to attorney fees after suing the city of Waukesha for public records that the city later released before being ordered to do so by a court.

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US high court tackles notice of appeals

In a ruling that attorneys say ends the guessing game over when the clock starts to run on filing a notice of appeal in cases involving claims for attorney fees, the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to adopt standard that would vary depending on whether those fees are awarded pursuant to a statute or a contract.

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Future-proof your firm

The future of private practice has been the subject of much speculation for the last several years. While some partners behave as if things will go back to business as usual, most of those who are paying attention believe we are headed to a “new normal” in our future.

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Property — adverse possession — permissive use — attorney fees

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Civil Property — adverse possession — permissive use — attorney fees This adverse possession claim concerns a boundary dispute between Mark and Theresa Frisch and James and Pamela Schultz. Frisch appeals the trial court’s judgment that Schultz’s predecessors in interest established title to the disputed land by adverse possession. Frisch argues that any use of the ...

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