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New rules sought on asbestos suits

In April, Renee Simpson told a state legislative committee about her father, who was diagnosed last fall with mesothelioma, a virulent form of cancer associated with asbestos.

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AAJ warns against asbestos-claim legislation

Legislation pending in the House that would require private asbestos bankruptcy trusts to publicly release information about asbestos victims would delay claims and help companies avoid liability, the nation’s largest trial attorney group has warned.

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Company seeks asbestos liability limit in Idaho

A national bottle-top maker that's grown weary of some $700 million in asbestos claims it's paid out to victims of lung disease has arrived in the Idaho Legislature as part of its years-long, state-by-state trudge to shield itself from forking over more cash.

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Beloit to pay $270,000 to settle asbestos lawsuit

BELOIT, Wis. (AP) — The city of Beloit has agreed to pay $270,000 to settle allegations that it sold a building with asbestos issues. City Manager Larry Arft said the city council voted 6-0 this week to approve the settlement. Dan Langone sued the city in 2009 claiming that the city failed to address asbestos problems in property that his ...

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Mir Co. settles with state over burning, asbestos violations

The 2009 razing and burning of a barn in the town of Linn, Walworth County, led to Chicago-based Mir Co. settling a lawsuit Wednesday, according to a news release from Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. In late spring 2009, the town of Linn ordered Mir Co., the owner of the barn, to demolish it. After the local fire department ...

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