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Judge: Bad science led to murder-by-arson sentence

Han Tak Lee is lead to the Swiftwater, Pa., State Police barracks for processing with State Police Fire Marshall Thomas Jones, right, and Stroud Township Police Investigator Vernon Bortz. Lee is serving a life sentence for murder and arson for setting a fire in 1989 at a church retreat cabin in Stroudsburg, Pa., in which his daughter died. In June 2014, U.S. District Judge Martin Carlson concluded the science underlying Han Tak Lee’s conviction in northeastern Pennsylvania was wrong. Judge Carlson is recommending that Lee either be given a new trial or released from prison. (AP Photo/The Pocono Record, David W. Coulter, File)

The arsonist who killed Ji Yun Lee was especially cruel and calculating, dousing her small cabin in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains with more than 60 gallons of gasoline and heating fuel and setting at least eight fires, ending at the front door to block any chance of escape. Then he watched calmly as the cabin turned into an inferno.

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