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Lawmakers push justices to adopt formal recusal rules

Despite assurances from Chief Justice John Roberts that such a move was unnecessary and unwise, a group of lawmakers is pushing the Supreme Court to drop its current self-policing policy for recusals and formally adopt the same judicial code of ethics that binds other federal judges.

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In workers’ comp case, a question of time

In a decision that could impact how injury benefits under a number of statutes that base calculations on the national average weekly wage, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court recently considered just when injured claimants are entitled to compensation under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’ Compensation Act – the date a disabled worker was injured or the date when the worker receives an award of disability payments.

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US Supreme Court takes up constitutionality of special union fees

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court appear poised to issue a split decision in a case considering what notice non-union state workers must receive before being assessed a special fee that will fund political efforts. But a preliminary issue may keep the Court from even reaching the merits of the case.

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US Supreme Court takes up Brady case

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court seemed sympathetic to an argument by a death row inmate that impeachment evidence withheld by prosecutors during his murder trial would have made a difference in his trial – and that the withholding constituted a Brady violation.

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US Supreme Court takes on reliability of eyewitness IDs

Despite recent studies questioning the reliability of eyewitness testimony in criminal trials, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court appear reluctant to provide special constitutional protections against such evidence, absent a claim that an identification was made under suggestive circumstances created by the police.

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Scalia: Justices ‘don’t owe anybody anything’

The U.S. Supreme Court often weighs in on politicized subjects – this term alone the Court is likely to rule on cases involving the Obama administration’s health care law, Arizona’s immigration law and affirmative action policies at Texas and Michigan colleges. But Justice Antonin Scalia said the justices focus only on the law, not the politics.

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