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The Simon Law Firm on Patent Trademark Copyright Litigation

Anthony G. Simon (left) and Jer W. Nixon

Anthony G. Simon (left) and Jer W. Nixon

Anthony G. Simon (left) and Jer W. Nixon

Anthony G. Simon (left) and Jer W. Nixon

The Simon Law Firm on Patent Trademark Copyright Litigation

By: Anthony G. Simon and Jer W. Nixon

The Simon Law Firm was one of the first firms in the country to handle Intellectual Property on a contingent fee basis, spearheaded by brothers Tony and John Simon.

The team has since secured many multi-million dollar settlements for patent infringement cases and recovered over one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements across-the-board.

Simon Law has the resources to advance litigation expenses and handles cases on contingency fees or other alternative fee arrangements, which empowers clients to enforce their intellectual property against the largest companies without the stress of monthly legal bills.

Contingency fees can mitigate the potential attorney-client relationship strain that sometimes accompanies hourly cases, especially when the outcome is unclear. The Simon Law Firm handles these cases directly and works with the client’s regular attorney to eliminate that strain.

The Simon Law Firm’s Intellectual Property Group handles patent, copyright trademark, trade secret litigation and business litigation.

The firm represents a diverse client base, from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. A majority of the firm’s clients are referred by attorneys with clients who need a national litigation firm to handle single matters.

Tony Simon has served as lead trial counsel in hundreds of patent, antitrust, copyright, trademark and intellectual property cases nationwide. He has tried cases to verdict in state and federal courts and has handled appeals in those cases.

Additionally, Tony Simon provides his specialized knowledge to firms across the nation as a co‐counsel so attorneys can enhance and maintain their existing client relationships.

Tony Simon has been honored by the legal community for decades, being selected by his peers as the Lawyer of the Year in Patent, Antitrust or Intellectual Property Litigation by U.S. News Best Lawyers in America 10 times.

When it comes to intellectual property, antitrust and commercial litigation, experience is everything.

“I like to describe commercial litigation as any litigation that doesn’t involve personal injury,” Tony said. “That includes intellectual property, like patents, trademarks, copyrights, as well as contract disputes, unfair competition and antitrust claims.”

The Simon Law Firm has been Named a Tier 1 Patent Litigation Firm in Best Law Firms by U.S. News since 2013 and has a record of successful outcomes in IP litigation cases.

Because litigation is so unpredictable, businesses can’t accurately plan their budgets when paying by the hour.

“It’s not just about winning the case, it’s about doing the right thing for your client’s business at every stage of the litigation,” Tony said. “My goal, in all commercial litigation matters, is to get the best result for my client’s business.”