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For 20 years, RCS has been bringing trial visuals to life

RCS Legal

RCS Legal and its founder, Rob Rosenberg, have been providing legal strategies in Wisconsin for 20 years. (Submitted photo)

For 20 years, RCS has been bringing trial visuals to life

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Visual exhibits play a vital role in court. They share key evidence and help attorneys make their cases to a judge or jury. When they need help pulling together compelling visuals, attorneys turn to RCS.

“Our main goal is helping attorneys when they go to trial, pulling together their visual strategy and serving as a communication strategist,” said Rob Rosenberg, RCS founder and trial strategist. “Once an attorney has worked with us, they come back. We help alleviate a lot of stress.”

Based in Hartland, RCS has been working with attorneys on their visuals and technology needs for the past 20 years. Rosenberg grew up in the legal industry as his father owned a large court reporting business in Chicago. After graduating college, he worked with his dad until the company was sold. He worked for the new owners in the national IT and litigation team. There, Rosenberg was exposed to trial and document services. Eventually, he decided to go out on his own, launching RCS.

“Visuals are essential in trials. They share evidence and help build the narrative the attorney is telling,” he said. “We are experts in presentations and visual strategy. Lawyers are experts in litigating.”

Rosenberg said that only about 5% of all cases make it to trial and RCS can help compile the visual assets and provide communication advice.

“We are in court a lot. We know how to translate and communicate key points using visuals, so juries understand. Good communication wins trials,” he said.

Visuals shared in court include a lot more than photographs and drawings. There’s graphics made using key data points, social media posts, emails and a variety of electronic communication.

“We take all of that and consolidate it so it can be shared efficiently and quickly in court,” Rosenberg said. “Our employees work in the courtroom making sure the visuals and technology run like they should. We’re on the hot seat if something goes wrong.”

Employees have a lot of technical knowledge to ensure things run as smoothly as possible in the courtroom.

“We bring the calm into what normally can be a chaotic culture. We take care of things so other people don’t have to,” Rosenberg said. “Our clients are already dealing with a number of issues and by working with us, they don’t need to worry about visuals or technology.”

RCS works with clients nationwide, but most clients are located in Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Depending on the client, RCS can become involved as soon as a lawsuit is filed or as late as the end of the discovery phase.

Rosenberg said RCS works on many intellectual property and patent cases, which require a lot of easy-to-understand visuals. Nearly all of the company’s cases are civil with many of them related to IP, product failure or entertainment.

For the past 10 years, RCS has been involved in the high-profile “Slender Man” criminal case where two girls were charged with stabbing a friend. Rosenberg served as the lead trial consultant for one of the girls charged in the case, Morgan Geyser. He helped guide the team to keep Geyser out of jail and establish extensive psychiatric care services.

Whatever the case, Rosenberg said RCS’s job is “to see around the corner about what may happen” and make sure the attorney is prepared.

Rosenberg said the company’s mission remains what it was 20 years ago and something its employees live by every day: “We’ll take cases where we can do good work for a good client and have fun doing it.”


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