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2015 Up and Coming Lawyers

Wong creating a patent on her work

Sarah Wong is fast establishing herself as an expert in intellectual property law at the Milwaukee-based firm Boyle Fredrickson SC. The 2012 Marquette University Law School graduate earned an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, which helped lead to her area of specialization within the law.

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Improving Milwaukee motivates Bynum

Although Marvin Bynum II may miss the mountains of Portland , Ore., where he spent much of his childhood, he’s determined to use his practice in real-estate law to improve Milwaukee, which has been his home since 2001.

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Leffler building a legal career

Matthew Leffler grew up in the family business of real estate and development, but he knew he needed to find his own direction in an industry he loved.

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Jerabek didn’t take the traditional road to shareholder status

“People always ask me how I went from public relations to law, and they’re actually more similar than you might think,” said Jerabek, who made shareholder in July with von Briesen & Roper in Madison after five years with the firm. “I spend most of my day writing, as I did before, and trying to solve problems for people, as I did before. The subject matter, the expertise is different, but the day to day is actually very similar.”

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