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Author Archives: WARREN E BULIOX, ESQ.

JOB CITES: Revisiting transgenderism in the workplace

Some of you may recall my article a few years back entitled “What About Roberta?” about transgenderism in the workplace. In that piece, we followed “Bob,” a long-term employee who came into an office seeking support as he went through the process of transitioning from male to female.

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JOB CITES: Carefully draft ‘cause’ provisions in employment contracts

Contrary to popular belief in some circles, employment contracts are generally not a bad idea. If drafted properly, they give employees extra job security and employers a tool in which to set contractually based standards on employment, such as, but not limited to, setting the duration of employment for highly skilled and sought-after talent.

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EEOC investigations can have broad scope

Imagine that one of your former employees, Bill, filed a Charge of Discrimination against your company with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC" or the "Commission"), alleging sex discrimination in violation of Title VII.

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Good nicknames can quickly go bad

What's really in a name? A bit of family history, a way to distinguish ourselves and perhaps a reflection of trends in popular culture. What about legal liability?

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Commentary: Laws vary on whether recording is allowed

With the advent of pocket-sized recorders, sophisticated cell phones, and other covert recording devices, a growing number of employees — whether disgruntled or not — are secretly recording conversations in and outside the workplace in the hope of catching their employers “in the act.” After all, secret recordings have paid off in the past. You may recall the disgruntled Texaco ...

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Commentary: Interviewing pitfalls

Last summer, an Internet article on offered a list of forty-three remarks made by applicants during an interview which gave pause to human resources. Some of these remarks were an obvious reason to bar employment, including the following: I’ve never heard such a stupid question. Can we wrap this up quickly? I have someplace to go. My old boss ...

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