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Author Archives: SYLVIA HSIEH, BridgeTower Media Newswires

US high court takes up parental abduction case

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether a petition for the return of an abducted child by a parent under the Hague Convention can be equitably tolled when the abducting parent concealed the whereabouts of the child from the other parent.

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Are ‘trial-spin’ websites the wave of the future?

Wisconsin court system computer network targeted in cyber attack

In the first week of a high-stakes trial in which the plaintiffs planned to ask a major health corporation for billions of dollars in damages for medical injuries, their lawyers noticed something they had not anticipated: The defendant had launched a website putting its spin on the case.

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Will Obama’s proposals rein in patent trolls?

The Obama Administration has announced five executive actions and seven legislative proposals aimed at holding back the tsunami of litigation by patent trolls, and lawyers are weighing in on whether the recommendations will wall off the tidal waves or merely be sandbags on the shore.

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Employers brace for in-person investigations over FMLA

All in attendance sat up and took notice when midway through a three-day conference on employment compliance, a branch chief of the U.S. Department of Labor’s enforcement division said that the agency expects to increase on-site investigations into whether companies are complying with the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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Lawyers uneasy about national loan data collection

Recent Senate hearings have sparked renewed debate over a national mortgage database that will hold information about millions of mortgage, credit card and auto loans, loan terms, borrowers’ credit profiles and financial information.

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Sequester cuts, closures, furloughs hit federal courts

With no solution in sight to end the automatic federal budget cuts that began in March, federal judiciary officials are announcing plans to close courthouses, limit trials and hearings and furlough federal prosecutors, defenders and U.S. Marshals Service officers, all while warning that the move will compromise the federal court system.

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Mass tort builds over Mirena IUD injuries

A mass tort is taking shape over the Mirena IUD, a device that many women claim migrates after insertion and becomes embedded in the uterus or punctures organs, requiring surgical removal and sometimes causing infection and other injuries.

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Trials of the century and juror bias

The 1968 capital murder trial of Black Panther Huey Newton. The Charles Lindbergh kidnapping case. Both are cases that stick out in public memory and both offer lessons to be learned about trial work.

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Student loan law: A niche for a few good lawyers?

With huge numbers of students facing crushing debt and national student loans surpassing credit card debt, some lawyers have found a new niche: representing clients hounded by student loan creditors, debt collectors and loan servicers.

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